Nahema and Nancy Graham

27 Jan

Nancy Graham was and forever will be my Mum and first showed me the scented path.  So this seems the only way to go for my first proper post on my infant blog. The scented path leads through the garden, into the kitchen, and up the stairs to the tray on the dressing table. It also leads abroad to orange tree lined streets in Spain, markets bursting with fresh produce and mountain herbs. And to many future destinations.

I will post another time about the scents of roses, sweet briar, tomato leaves, lavender and southernwood from the garden.  Likewise, another time about the scents of bouquet garni, garlic and rosemary from the kitchen.  And another about the olfactory delights of Spain. lemons, oranges, orange blossom.

This post is about Nancy’s favourite perfume,  Nahema by Guerlain, released in the 70s when she was in her 40s.

Nahema arrived  and took over.  Chanel No 5 was banished to the back of the tray on the dressing table.  It was love at first sniff, and the start of a collection of the entire Nahema range, extrait, EDP, bath and body which took  a few years.  The exotic golden filigree cases, and heavy bottles stood on a simple dark wood 50s dressing table in a working Scottish farmhouse.  Nahema was Mum’s bit of me time, her sophisticated alter ego, who lived alongside the real Nancy in fleece jackets, running a home, family and business, hands on.

I vividly remember my first spray of Nahema. I am sure that I gasped, given that O de Lancome was probably my fave of the time.  It was sweet, heady and neon, amped up rose and peach and was too much on my skin in my late teens and 20s.  It was fabulous on Mum.  Our palates and noses change, maybe perfume recipes change, and spraying Nahema now, it is less bright, but remains a sophisticated and complex rendition of rose.  I have read that there is no real rose as an ingredient in Nahema.  But that doesn’t matter .  It is more rose than a real rose.

I wear Nahema infrequently.  On me the fragrance asks for an occasion and likes to be dressed up, not everyday.  But I often sniff it.  This review on Now Smell this is excellent



One Response to “Nahema and Nancy Graham”

  1. Undina January 27, 2012 at 7:24 am #

    It’s a very warm and beautiful tribute to the perfume and to your mother. I haven’t had a chance to try this perfume yet (I have difficult relationship with Guerlains) but I will try it eventually and see if I can smell roses.

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