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The sad tale of Tauer Cologne du Maghreb

30 Apr

I was lucky enough to win a bottle of Andy Tauer’s Cologne du Maghreb in the 2011 Advent Calendar.  Inspired today to count all my full bottles,  I was having a look inside the boxes.  My Cologne du Maghreb tipped face first out of its box onto my vanity – alas!! The bottle neck and the aerosol snapped clean off and half the bottle spilled over the surface.  You can see the “headless” bottle in the picture.  The two little brown dropper bottles in the foreground, full to the brim, contain what I salvaged, about 20ml in total.  Waaah! Sob.


Just real bad luck, as a registered clumsyclogs, I have knocked over or dropped many other bottles to no ill effect.  Fortunately, the Cologne is short lived, after a couple of hours the fragrance is all but gone.  My dog was sneezing so I had to let him out into the garden.

Do you have a sad tale of a breakage?  I recommend the dropper bottles, £1.05 from the pharmacy counter at Boots if you ever need to salvage…


Bud Parfums of Australia – Elysium

16 Apr

Bud Parfums are an Australian niche house with a bohemian vibe.  You can receive 5 glass sample vials for $AUS 20  They have great customer service as a couple of my vials arrived smashed and were replaced along with a couple of extras as quick as the postage comes from Australia to the UK.   I have been wearing the perfumes for a while and will be posting reviews.

The overview of the perfumes is that they are all well crafted with good quality ingredients.  I have not experienced “recoil” with any of the scents.  I’m looking at you, Penhaligons Bluebell !!!

Today’s selection is Elysium and I reproduce below the description from the website.

A place or condition of ideal bliss or complete happiness. A paradise. A little bit gypsy in the sense that she lingers long enough to distract your fancy. Surrounded by cascades of jasmine flowers, with trails of honeysuckle blossoms. The first day of Spring, full of new potential. Sunshine and warmth after a long cold winter. Light and refreshing, you are floating on air in your magic bubble. INGREDIENTS: Neroli, Jasmine, geranium, sweet orange, lilac, orange blossoms, musk, bergamot, petitgrain oils.

Decided to sniff alongside Chamade EDT one of my spring favourites, as both share a soft, airy, springlike, ethereal quality despite their different recipes and characters.

Elysium holds up well beside the Guerlain and does not smell cheap in comparison.  Elysium opens up with a light jasmine and then warms with orange blossom. Chamade is greener, and I smell the hyacinth and galbanum, then lily of the valley.The drydown of Elysium is orangy floral musky  and Chamade warms down with vanilla flowers and woods.

Sample of the day No 4 – By Kilian Amber Oud

13 Apr

Blogging newbie that I am – thought I had lost this post.  Some of you will remember getting your surprise envelope in the post a while back!!

Well I was hoovering, dusting, cleaning this messy house and then..the postman had left an envelope from Paris.

Unexpected padded envelope from Paris.  Ooo!  Those rubber gloves came off.

Inside there was a little black envelope which caught the light and showed the word “Kilian”.

A sample of “Amber Oud”.  What a lovely surprise, I have not tried this line, only “Added to Cart” without “Paying Now”.

I am unfamiliar with oud.  The other main notes are vanilla and benzoin.

Had a debate with myself and the dog about the appropriateness of spraying a Kilian while doing housework.  Curiosity won out and after wearing it for a day I was inspired to try it alongside a few others.

Left wrist – Amber Oud; Left elbow Shamilar Initial

Right wrist – Prada Candy; Right Elbow Shalimar Ode a La Vanille

Each smells wonderful! Although each has a different attitude.

Amber Oud has a medicinal quality, “I am good for you, I have healing properties, under my sweet coating, and I will make you feel serene and centred.”  The far drydown is alternately herbal chocolate and fine vanilla custard.  YUM.

Shamilar Ode a La Vanille is more boozy , ” Amber Oud doesn’t know how to have fun, I like to party.”

Prada Candy, is sweet of course, ” I am cute candy floss and marshmallow fluff  and unexpectedly elegant”

Shalimar Initial walks into the room, “I am just so sexy and fabulous”


Cristalle Eau Verte by Chanel

13 Apr

I love Cristalle EDP, but she can be a little heavy in warmer months.  Cristalle Eau Verte was introduced around 3 years ago, although sprayed only recently by me.  I tried side by side with Cristalle EDT and No 19 EDT on a few occasions, and this is my favourite of the three. It is mostly about lemon – sherbet lemons, the old fashioned sweet – at the beginning.  Lemon can be difficult – sharp, sour or household, but this is a lovely sweet lemon which dries into a floral neroli.  It isn’t really like Cristalle at all!  But I love it.