Sample of the day No 4 – By Kilian Amber Oud

13 Apr

Blogging newbie that I am – thought I had lost this post.  Some of you will remember getting your surprise envelope in the post a while back!!

Well I was hoovering, dusting, cleaning this messy house and then..the postman had left an envelope from Paris.

Unexpected padded envelope from Paris.  Ooo!  Those rubber gloves came off.

Inside there was a little black envelope which caught the light and showed the word “Kilian”.

A sample of “Amber Oud”.  What a lovely surprise, I have not tried this line, only “Added to Cart” without “Paying Now”.

I am unfamiliar with oud.  The other main notes are vanilla and benzoin.

Had a debate with myself and the dog about the appropriateness of spraying a Kilian while doing housework.  Curiosity won out and after wearing it for a day I was inspired to try it alongside a few others.

Left wrist – Amber Oud; Left elbow Shamilar Initial

Right wrist – Prada Candy; Right Elbow Shalimar Ode a La Vanille

Each smells wonderful! Although each has a different attitude.

Amber Oud has a medicinal quality, “I am good for you, I have healing properties, under my sweet coating, and I will make you feel serene and centred.”  The far drydown is alternately herbal chocolate and fine vanilla custard.  YUM.

Shamilar Ode a La Vanille is more boozy , ” Amber Oud doesn’t know how to have fun, I like to party.”

Prada Candy, is sweet of course, ” I am cute candy floss and marshmallow fluff  and unexpectedly elegant”

Shalimar Initial walks into the room, “I am just so sexy and fabulous”



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